Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs have been compiled to help address some of the most common questions.


Claiming ZED Tokens

Airdrop and Eligibility Criteria

Utility and Gameplay


What is a ZED Token?

The ZED Token is a standard ERC-20 token deployed on Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

Who is the ZED Token for?

Anyone can get their hands on the ZED Token. The ZED Token will first be available to claim by all ZED RUN users who meet the eligibility criteria.  

For new users, there will be a number of ways to acquire the ZED Token in the future, such as creating a stable, acquiring a racehorse and performing well in races.

I’m new to ZED RUN. Will there be an opportunity for me to claim ZED Tokens?

The ZED Token will first be available to claim by eligible ZED RUN users per the Eligibility Criteria here.  

Is the ZED token a cryptocurrency digital asset?

Yes. The ZED Token is a form of cryptocurrency and is a utility token. The ZED Token is an ERC 20 token which means you can send and receive it from any other Ethereum compatible wallet (such as MetaMask). Because it is an ERC 20 token, you can store it in your wallet, transfer it, and potentially use it independently of the ZED Token ecosystem.

Are the ZED Tokens replacing wETH on the ZED RUN platform?

Ultimately and over time, the ZED Token will be replacing wETH across the entire platform, boosting utility to each ZED Token holder.

How many ZED Tokens will there be?

There will be a capped supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) ZED Tokens in total.

Will the ZED Token be tradable on exchanges?

The ZED Token may appear on third party centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Isn’t my ZED RUN racehorse an NFT and therefore a token? What is the difference?

A ZED RUN racehorse is an ERC 721 non-fungible token (NFT), whereas a ZED Token is an ERC 20 fungible token. What this means is every single ZED Token (ERC 20) has the same value. One token is replaceable with another and are mutually interchangeable. Whereas each ZED RUN ERC 721 NFT represents a different unique value relative to other ZED RUN NFT racehorses. The ZED Token will be the only token you can use to race, breed, and lend in the ecosystem.

Who is the ZED Token Issuer?

Future Future Labs, a British Virgin Islands business company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with limited liability, is the ZED Token issuer.

Are there any contract audits?

Yes. The ZED Tokens smart contracts are audited by Quantstamp.

Claiming ZED Token

When can I claim my ZED Tokens?

Announcements and updates will be posted regularly on Twitter, so be sure to follow @ZEDToken and turn notifications on.  

Where do my ZED Tokens go if I do not claim them on time?

Any unclaimed ZED Tokens after the 90 day claim window will be transferred to the Play-and-Earn Rewards Treasury.

Where do I get ZED Tokens?

There may be both centralized and decentralized exchanges that offer trading on the secondary market.

Do I have to pay gas fees to claim my ZED Tokens?

No. Gas fees will be borne by the ZED Token issuer for those eligible users that are claiming the ZED Token.

Will there an issue claiming ZED Tokens from the airdrop if you have not migrated from the legacy contracts?

No. If you have not upgraded your racehorses to the new smart contract, which can be done from your stable page, you will still be able to claim your ZED Tokens as part of the initial airdrop.

Do I need to have my ZED Pass and/or ZED Skin in the same wallet for the airdrop?

No. The eligibility criteria for participating in the ZED Token airdrop is detailed here for both Skins and ZED Pass holders. 

How will I see where my ZED Tokens are?

Given that the ZED Token is an ERC 20 token, you can also view it in MetaMask by following these steps:

  1. Open MetaMask (what is MetaMask?)
  2. Make sure you are on the Polygon/Matic network. If have not added the Polygon/Matic network, please follow these instructions.
  3. Under the ‘asset’ tab click on ‘import tokens’
  4. Enter in the following details:
  • Token Address: 0x5ec03c1f7fa7ff05ec476d19e34a22eddb48acdc
  • Token Symbol: ZED
  • Token Decimals: 18

You can also view your ZED Tokens by visiting and pasting your wallet address into the search bar.

If you are eligible for the ZED Token airdrop, you can view your ZED Tokens via your non-custodial ZED RUN wallet located in the top right corner on ZED RUN after you have successfully logged on.

Where are my ZED Tokens stored?

ZED Tokens are stored within your MetaMask or Magic wallets.

These wallets are non-custodial which means, only you have access to them. If you cannot access your wallet due forgetting your password or seed phrase, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.

Users with Torus wallets are not eligible for the airdrop as this mode of sign-up was implemented after the snapshot date.

Airdrop and Eligibility Criteria

Who will be airdropped the ZED Token?

ZED Tokens will be distributed and claimable by ZED RUN users who meet the eligibility criteria.

How was the airdrop decided?

Please refer to the Airdrop Eligibility criteria here.

When was the snapshot taken for the airdrop eligibility?

The snapshot was taken on June 1, 2022 UTC. The airdrop eligibility was generated from all ownership, racing, and breeding data merged across both Layer 1 (Ethereum) and Layer 2 (Polygon Matic) blockchains up until the snapshot date. For more details, refer to the eligibility criteria here.

If I own a Genesis racehorse, will I be allocated more ZED Tokens or rewards?

Yes. Genesis racehorses hold more weight than non-Genesis racehorses. The eligibility criteria for participating in the ZED Token airdrop is detailed here for both Skins and ZED Pass holders.

How many ZED Tokens does each racehorse bloodline receive?

The ZED Token issuer has conducted the airdrop at the ‘stable owner’ level rather than an individual racehorse level. The reason for this is to more fairly distribute the ZED Token to stable owners who not only have purchased racehorses but have also participated in the breeding and racing ecosystem.

I have multiple wallets with racehorses and I have been moving those racehorses between those wallets. Will my allocation be affected?

Please refer to the Airdrop Eligibility criteria here. 

Why wasn’t my stable considered in the airdrop allocation?

A thoughtful approach was taken to reward all existing ZED RUN stable owners with the ZED Token. Factors such as length of racehorse ownership, the amount of times you raced and the amount of times you bred within the ZED RUN ecosystem were taken into consideration. Please refer here for more information.

What if I lost access to a prior wallet, can I still get my allocated ZED Tokens on a new wallet?

No. ZED Tokens allocated to one account cannot be redistributed to another account as part of the initial airdrop.

How will it work for those using Magic email wallets?

If you are eligible for the ZED Token initial airdrop and have a Magic email wallet, you can simply log on into the token issuers website (to claim your tokens. The tokens that are successfully claimed, will then appear in your non-custodial ZED RUN digital wallet.

Utility and Gameplay

What does the ZED Token do? What utility does it hold?

The purpose of the ZED Token is to enable additional utility within the ZED RUN ecosystem. Over time, the ZED Token will become the primary way to interact i.e. race, breed, and lend. For more information, refer to the whitepaper.

Will I need ZED Tokens to be able to play ZED RUN?

To maximize the ZED RUN platform, you will need the ZED Token to enjoy all modes of gameplay as they release incrementally.

Where can I use the ZED Token?

The ZED Token will be initially supported by ZED RUN, a Play-and-Earn (“P&E”) video game. The ZED Token will become the primary way to interact i.e. race, breed, and lend. The ZED Token will be utilized in a way that continually engages existing stable owners, while simultaneously attracting new stable owners to join the platform.

Does the ZED Token mean the end of racing for wETH prizes on ZED RUN?

The ZED Token will, over time, become be the main token and in-game currency of ZED RUN and is intended to be leveraged across Play-and-Earn utility-based video games. However, for the time being, racing prizes will continue to be paid out in wETH. used to access ZED RUN and to skilfully win rewards.

Will ZED Tokens be added as prize pools for tournaments on ZED RUN?

Yes. Additional ZED Tokens will be attributed to individual races, tournaments, and one-off contests. For the time being, ZED RUN will continue to distribute wETH prizes.

What rewards will exist in ZED RUN?

The ZED Token is supported by a Play-and-Earn Rewards Treasury that aspires to reward each engaged participant in ZED RUN.